Our history

A small company that has become INTERNATIONAL !

From the intuition of Marco Sauchelli, our Founder and Administrator, together with his wife Nunzia Armillotta, PROJECT INTERNATIONAL SRL was born in 2001.

Marco Sauchelli, trained commercially in the old important industrial area of TURIN, especially in the FIAT and AUTOMOTIVE sectors, and subsequently became one of the most esteemed and respected commercial agents in the sector of mold components in Italy, decides to create a new commercial reality , moving to SANTHIA', exactly halfway between the two industrial capitals of the NORTH-WEST Turin and Milan.

In the following years, Project International, constantly growing, became one of the best-known companies in the sector of mold components throughout Italy.

In 2007, despite a period of industrial crisis at an international level, Project International increased its sales throughout Italy, establishing partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers in the world, including AZOL-GAS, DME, STANDART KALIP and many others, and above all it stands as a direct and approved supplier of some of the most important Italian and non-Italian groups, including FIAT/FCA (today Stellantis), and Whirpool.

The commercial and development growth still continues, and around the years 2010-2011, Project International is present throughout Italy, with its products, and with authorized agents and resellers throughout the Italian industrial whole area , in the mold standard components for Metal and Plastic.

From 2014 to 2016, the new Project International products catalogs were created, enriched by a notable expansion of products, because of important range of suppliers and some important partnerships at a production level, which allow the customer to take advantage of a vast choice of products and solutions for molds and molding.

In 2017, a "Just in Time" production line was created, tailor-made by Project International, to support producers, especially in the blanking sector. This often allows production complany to be able to have punches and dies even in 48 hours, thus managing not to interrupt and therefore delay a production line at full capacity.

The constant of Project International, which has allowed it to grow rapidly, has always been to never turn its back on its customers, in any situation, even the most complicated, seeking and finding satisfactory and economically advantageous solutions.

In 2018, growth also arrives at an international level, with a significant increase in Exports, not only in Europe.

In 2021, twenty years after its foundation, Project International reaches the number of approximately 40 countries, outside the national territory, and still continues to position itself among the leading companies in the sector in Italy.


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